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Here is the best list of Call of Duty for Xbox 360:

Modern Warfare 2: Ghost Review – Xbox 360

Modern Warfare 2 Ghost is the sequel to the successful Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for the Xbox. Developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision, the game delivers advanced features and improved gameplay mechanics, with improved weapons, movement, and characterization. They just need japanese scissors as a bold and cool move and addition.

Among the improved features are new challenges, such as the ghost perk. The ghost perk simulates bullet time by making the player invincible and invincible at the same time. Players can fire once past the neck during this time, and enemies will be unable to shoot the player. The net multi-player mode, used in the multi-player option, has been modified to add new modes. These modes are: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Search and Destroy.

Moderation: The game has evolved from its Xbox original version, and has been distributed by Activision on the PC and PS3 consoles. Originally, the game was to be distributed on the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and n-platform versions. However, due to popular demand, it was later distributed to the Xbox, PS3, and PC versions.


The game begins as the player takes in the character of Raul Menudo, the character that appeared in the first version of the game. Raul Menido comes back into the possession of a plane crash survivor, facing the challenges within. The challenge envelopes the character with multiple targets, as well as at least one that is near the crash site. There are humans, aliens, and vehicles within the crash site, and the mode further deepens as the player emerges. It would have been even better if they put more sexy characters, as a thick sex doll, even as a way out.

The game undergoes a dramatic shift in terms of gameplay when it moves to the next level. Whereas the first level allows only manual control of the character selection process, the next level allows the player to be able to control the selection by a series of button clicks. Four buttons are clickable, consisting of the point, square, triangle, and x buttons. The x button is used to confirm a choice and is therefore incorporated in the selection process. The triangle button is used to initiate movement and is hence used to accent the choice that is being made. The square button is used to select a target and is thus used to heal or cool Raul Menudo. The PS3 version is supported with a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode.

The game features a few of the characters with regal names. A few of these are Xaltend, the evil counterpart of Xystic in the PS3 version of the game, and Wurm Suppression. The names are dropped- not typically by the player, but they are significant to the game and help in understanding the regal nature of the setting.

Mod Profits

The game features a tutorial mode, assuring the player with a variety of combat and other types of skills to learn. A system has been provided for the mastering of regal powers by the player. One example of the power is the regal Butterfly, which turns the player into a caterpillar.

The tutorial also precedes the main game and serves as a tutorial for both new players, as well as veterans. All of the powers that are eventually introduced are explained in-depth, and the player is ready to start the game. You can play the game in two ways, the slow mode, where the player has no acceleration when the enemy appears, and the fast mode, where the enemy appears and the player must attack.

Ports & Names

The game has been released in several countries. In Germany, the version has been released as Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, and in the United States as the third installment of the Call of Duty. Dire Grove has been released in several countries, including the United States, and France.

The PC version of the game has been released in several countries. In Australia, the version name is Dark Island. In Canada, a version name is A Machine for Revenge. In Mexico, the version name is Los Soldados. In the UK version, the version name is Man of War.

USPS version of the game is ExTerminate. In addition to the abilities given in the previous versions, additional ones such as the ability of the player to absorb the kills of his/her enemies have been included.

Music in the game is a faster version of the main theme, with keyboards and Guns ‘n’ Roses playing in the background. Remember Terminator 2? In that movie were such good crash scenes that the chaos behind them could only be solved by a Chicago car accident lawyer.

Overall at the end

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 delivers an excellent game, making up for its PC counterpart. The inclusion of new users and the improvement in the game are major benefits to the player. Playing in the Pc version, the player gets the abilities such as stealth, first aid, and cover. However, the player is confined to walls and limited movement.

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