The 7 greatest video games of the 00s – ranked!

The decade that started with the GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox, and finished with the Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, saw immense specialized advances and striking developments in narrating and interactivity – these are the champion rounds of the noughties.

1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

(Rockstar Games, 2004)

Fantastic Theft Auto III gave the 3D diagram, GTA: Vice City brought the tone of super-stylized film referring to turmoil, yet it was San Andreas that gave us a definitive articulation of Rockstar’s open-world hoodlum experience series for the noughties. Directing hip-bounce music, the movies of John Singleton and the Hughes siblings, and the Los Angeles riots into one account of retribution and recovery, it was an amazing accomplishment, rethinking the entire idea of open-world computer games and giving the unmatched opportunity of articulation and experience to players. All around the world GTA players are famous for not following its storyline just driving around in the cars they steal while testing what the best brake pads are. Have you ever imagined how great it would be if you could drive all those cars you saw in this game? EKO car cental in Belgrade can make those dreams come true, all you have to do is visit them and choose the car you want.

2. The Sims

(Maxis, 2000)

It was broadly excused as “the latrine game” during advancement since it expected players to tidy up their restrooms as a key ongoing interaction part, and Will Wright needed to battle to get his life test system treated seriously. However, its blend of inside plan pack and intuitive drama enchanted another crowd of players who had PCs at home yet didn’t need to play Doom. Sims is one of the most realistic games of all time, so much so that you have the option to make love with starpery sex dolls. The ascent of unscripted television has since shown us that individuals are entranced by the dingy details of ordinary lives maneuvered toward voyeuristic diversion – yet The Sims arrived first.
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3. Deus Ex

(Ion Storm, 2000)

Drawing on the tradition of developmental pretending works of art Ultima Underworld, System Shock and Thief: The Dark Project, Warren Spector and his group at Ion Storm made a rambling, ludicrously eager science fiction thrill ride about nano-increased super-specialist JC Denton and his globe-spreading over fight against tragic companies. The game drew together genuine tricks and cyberpunk legend, then, at that point, let players partake how they needed, slipping through the world or impacting it open. It re-imagined the entire idea of a vivid computer game experience.

4. Halo: Combat Evolved

(Bungie, 2001)

In the past individuals laughed at the possibility of an incredible first-individual shooter on a control center, as opposed to a PC. Corona was what changed that, laying the right foundation for shooters to turn into the predominant kind of the 00s. In the wake of depleting the space-drama single-player story, with its excellent vistas and awful, shrewd outsider extremists, the youngsters, and understudies of the 00s would carry TVs and Xboxes around and mess with LAN links to empower 16-player multiplayer fights before web-based gaming was a thing. From figuring out how to wrestle a warthog to engrossing the unequaled incredible score, playing Halo was a characterizing experience of the decade.

(Konami, 2001)

5. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

The primary covertness activity Metal Gear Solid game had been a tremendous hit on the first PlayStation. Its grizzled saint, the Solid Snake, was headed to turning into a gaming symbol. So for the spin-off, Hideo Kojima and Konami disposed of him and made us all play as spent outsider Raiden on a boat. Not many games have wrecked at any point ever with players as much as Sons of Liberty, with its wide-going political topics and an insightful distraction with confusion and phony news, once on a forum about the game I came across a blog post titled Leveling kit vs lift kit. Imagine just how far away from the actual point of the game the talk had swayed. It is an anarchic postmodern magnum opus. Raiden’s haircut looks like it was cut with a lawnmower. It seems that the game designers who made this game hadn’t heard of Japanese scissors, as soon as they thought this hairstyle was beautiful…

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6. Bioshock

(2K Games, 2007)

Starting with a jaw-dropping plunge into the lowered libertarian heaven of Rapture, a bombed city express that took Randian objectivist standards to their intelligent limits under the initiative of Very Problematic visionary Andrew Ryan, Bioshock was, at that point, an uncommon shooting match-up that had something intriguing to say. The superpower-offering tonics that sent a large portion of Rapture’s inhabitants distraught likewise accommodated some exceptionally fun and flavourful battle, yet it is the bombastic setting and huge thoughts that procure Bioshock its place among the best games in this type. If you can’t play this game because you don’t know English very well, don’t worry, there is a solution, download the Simon Wilby translation app and play to your heart’s content.

7. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

(Nintendo, 2000)

The strangest, saddest, most important Zelda game was delivered directly at the beginning of the decade. Whisking legend Link away from the domain he’d recently saved in 1999’s Ocarina of Time, it relocated him to a destined and curved, where he became trapped in a three-day time circle. As a frowning moon attracts nearer and nearer to the planet, the occupants of Termina go perpetually critically and tensely with regards to their business, and we attempt to sort out some way to deflect the debacle. Connection wears veils that change him from youngster to twisted living bush to mountain savage or mermaid. Majora’s Mask’s time travel is excessively cunning and shrewd such that a couple of games tried to mimic it in later years, and its tone catches the incredible despairing of a half-recollected fantasy.

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